Links to allied organizations and projects

A selection of links for intersections of science, education, and social context. Suggested additions and deletions of out-of-date information welcome.
(See also related selection of links for critical thinking, creative thinking, and reflective practice.)

last update 13 April '12


Science in a Changing World

New Directions in Science Education (see also Science in a Changing World)
  • BioQuest (consortium promoting inquiry-based learning in high school and college biology)
  • Girls and Women in Science Conference an annual "minds-on, hands-on science workshop weekend" at Beloit College, WI
  • NCISLA (National Center for Improving Student Learning and Achievement in Mathematics and Science) at the University of Wisconsin Research and Teacher Resources including MUSE (Modeling for Understanding in Science Education)
  • Southern Illinois U., Dept. of Medical Education active proponents of Problem-Based Learning in medical education
  • STEMTEC (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Teacher Education Collaborative, based in Western MA) introduces student-active and inquiry-based teaching to college and school teachers with the ultimate goal of increasing the pool of potential science and mathematics teachers
  • Regional Alliance for Mathematics and Science Education

Groups with broken links--leads welcome
  • Wisconsin Center for Excellence in Critical Thinking
  • PROMISE (Project for Multicultural and Interdisciplinary Studies in Education)