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(See also projects at UMass Boston as part of its Science in a Changing World initiative)


Course on Gender, race, and the complexities of science and technology (2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017)

When the Social, not the Medium, is the Message--A Workshop on Community-building and Research Collaboration in Virtual Spaces, April 2011

Changing Science, Changing Society Expo, April 2010

New England Workshop on Scientific and Social Change, 2004-
(including links to programs and other materials related to the workshops)
  • 2015, "Fostering creative and critical thinking in times of crisis"
  • 2014, "Changing life in times of crisis"
  • 2013, "Scaffolding scientific and social change"
  • 2012, "Open Spaces for Scientific and Social Change II: Support for Translation"
  • 2011, B, "Collaborative production of knowledge: Health, environment, and publics" (in Portugal in collaboration with BIOSENSE research group at the University of Coimbra)
  • 2011, "Open Spaces for Changing Science and Society"
  • 2010, workshop 1, "Where social theory meets critical engagement with the production of scientific knowledge"
  • 2010, workshop 2, "Problem- and case-based learning about biology-in-society"
  • 2009, "Heterogeneity and Development: Methods and Perspectives from Sciences and Science Studies"
  • 2008, "Science-in-society: Teaching and engaging across boundaries"
  • 2007, "Collaborative generation of environmental knowledge and inquiry"
  • 2006, "Ecological restoration as social reconstruction"
  • 2005, "How complexities of the social environment shape the ways that society makes use of knowledge about 'genetic' conditions"
  • 2004, "Complexities of environment and development in the Age of DNA"

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