2017: Dialogue and Collaborative Exploration

Wednesday, April 19, 2017; 7-9pm
By google+ hangout at http://bit.ly/CCTEvent or in person at MIT in building 56, room 154 (just south of Stata Center, map)
New dialogues starting at 7pm, and 8pm

Go online at 7 or at 8 (or come in person) to experience a reflection, writing, and dialogue process in which you address your current concerns about scientific and social change. It is always interesting to see how thinking evolves during an hour using the five-phase format (http://bit.ly/FivePhase). (Technical preparation: see http://bit.ly/hangoutbrief)
  • 7pm "Genomic citizens and misfits in a digital age"
    • (Discuss the promises, fears, and claims being made about genetics in this evolving digital era. What and who is to believed?)

  • 8pm "Science and literature exploring life on the near-future earth"
    • (Discuss ways to bring scientists and readers of literature (especially scifi) into constructive conversation around responding to crises that will increase in frequency as a result of climate change. What does each group have to offer to help you be imaginative about who and what could be involved in shaping life in future conditions.)

The Science in a Changing World graduate program at UMass Boston is hosting these hour-long dialogues on Science in Society. Participants will gain experience of a valuable model for group interaction in education, policy, and other areas of civic engagement. This event is offered in conjunction with the New England Workshop on Science and Social Change, which has since 2004 organized innovative, interaction-intensive, international workshops designed to facilitate discussion, teaching innovation, and longer-term collaboration about interactions between scientific developments and social change.