Complexities of Biosocial Development

Everyone "knows" that genes and environment interact, but, in this "Age of DNA," genetics is often seen as the way to expose the important or root causes of behavior and disease or as the best route to effective therapeutic technologies. Several scientific currents, however, are bringing back into the picture environmental contributions in the development of behavioral and medical conditions over any individual's lifetime. This trend provides a wealth of potential issues for teaching about science and technology in their social context.

The material shared in this area of the wikispace is informed by issues I (- pjt pjtpjt) would like to see raised in exchanges that follow the initial knowledge claims below. However, if other teachers use the material, they should not lay out as much as ths (or put a lot into their wiki) at the outset—this would bias students’ responses and convey the message that the instructor has a pre-set idea of where the exchange should lead. Instead, teachers should see the material here as a resource to draw from as they provide knowledge claims and substantive statements to stimulate and guide exchange and inquiry among their students. See Framework for Exchanges and Inquiries for more guidance.

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